The Imhotep International Soccer Association (IISA) welcomes you to our website. With the Fall Season in full swing we are already enjoying a great season. Imhotep International Soccer Association is located in South West Atlanta and we believe first and foremost in teaching all players to appreciate and enjoy the game of soccer and to believe in themselves and their teammates. Imhotep International Soccer emphasizes the importance of developing proper technique and skills as demonstrated and taught bylicensed coaches and trainers. All players will learn these fundamental skills and rules of soccer in a challenging fun and safe environment.

Imhotep International Soccer Association works in accordance with the rules of the Georgia State Soccer Association and we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Exposing our players to the world’s #1 sport. Imhotep will offer a challenging and competitive environment through local, state, national and international competitions. With the recent policy changes in Georgia Soccer by reducing the number of players on the field for U-10, we are excited! This improvement maximizes each player’s touches on the ball and enhances the development of the player’s skills.

Imhotep International Soccer Association seeks to develop the student-athlete that will excel on and off the field. All players are expected to maintain an appropriate balance of strong performance in the classroom as well as on the field.

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