Imhotep International offers a variety of programs to suit any youngster’s athletic level.

  • Recreational

The recreational soccer program is an important part of the Association – Imhotep is committed to soccer excellence and recognizes that excellence comes from commitment to player development at all ages and abilities. For many players, the recreational program is their first introduction to soccer. For others, it is “the next step” as they receive quality soccer training from professional coaches. We hope the following information will be helpful. Thank you for your interest in Imhotep!

The Recreational Soccer Program is divided by age groups in two-year increments, as follows:

Under 6
Players play a 3v3 game.

Under 8
Players play a 4v4 game.

Under 10
Players play an 8v8 game.

  • Girls Athena

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Imhotep experience, please come by and register during July, from 12pm to 2pm at theImhotep Center of Education and you can be a part of our Fall 2003 Season. We look forward to a great beginning for theFall of 2003. You can fill out registration and medical release formsahead of time. See you on the field!

  • Boys Select
  • ODP

Olympic Development Program

The Georgia Youth Soccer Association (GYSA), as the USSF-affiliated national state association member in Georgia, runs the State ODP. The purpose of the State ODP is to identify the top players within the state, provide them with advanced training and competition, and prepare them for the regional and national teams.

Under the supervision of the State Director of Coaching, the state coaching staff currently conducts programs in the following age groups:

  • Boys Under 13 / Girls Under 13
  • Boys Under 14 / Girls Under 14
  • Boys Under 15 / Girls Under 15
  • Boys Under 16 / Girls Under 16
  • Boys Under 17 / Girls Under 17
  • Girls Under 19

The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is responsible for the development of U.S. national teams which compete in international events throughout the world. The USSF currently fields national teams at Under 17, Under 20, Olympic (Under 23), Pan-American, and World Cup levels for men and Under 16, Under 18, Under 20, Olympic and World Cup levels for women. The players for all these national teams are identified and developed via the Olympic Development Program (ODP).

It is recognized that developing national caliber players is a long process, and that most players cannot advance from the club level to the national level in just one step. Also, the size of the United States does not allow the national coaches to scout and work with every promising player. Hence, the process of identifying and nurturing those with potential starts at the Under 13 level via the ODP.

Each year, the selection process starts with open tryouts (District Trials) in September, followed by invitational tryouts (State Trials) in October. All players wishing consideration must attend the District Trials, except current members of state teams who can apply directly to the State Trials.

Because of their current smaller numbers of participants, only the youngest age groups have District Trials. The older age groups have only state tryouts. All players wishing consideration must attend these Trials.

Tryout notices and application forms are mailed to all registered Classic, Premier, Athena and U-19 players in late July or early August. All other players are encouraged to contact the GSSA office for information and application forms.

All boys and girls desiring to try out for a Georgia ODP team must pre-register by completing and submitting the application with a tryout fee to the Georgia State Soccer Association by the date required prior to tryouts.

Toll Free Number for Outlying Areas
Georgia Soccer is proud to announce that we finally have a toll free number for callers from outside the Atlanta local calling area. By dialing 1-877-231-2661 from Augusta, Macon, Tifton, Savannah, Rome, Albany, Valdosta, Columbus and all other areas outside the Atlanta district, members can reach our state office free of long distance charges.

State pools of approximately 24 to 36 players for each age group are selected at the State Trials. These groups train, play exhibition games and participate in state and sub-regional camps from September to May. At this point the final state teams of 16 to 18 players are selected, and team preparation begins for the summer’s Region III camps.

A greater training and time commitment will be required from the state teams prior to any regional activity as our goal is to place as many Georgia players as possible on regional teams.

From the twelve states in Region III*, a regional pool is chosen. These players participate in a higher level of training and competition to qualify for the regional team in their age group. Once on the regional team, players become candidates for the national team in direct competition with players representing the other three USYSA regions of the United States.



  1. Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play with the best players in one’s age group.
  2. Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  3. Quality competition against other states’ ODP teams.
  4. Exposure to regional and national coaches.
  5. The opportunity to represent one’s state, region, or country in competition.
  6. Exposure to college coaches.

Trialists are to wear shinguards, bring their own ball, water and a white and dark T-shirt to the tryout. Trialists must remember not to wear anything that indicates their league affiliation or prior ODP participation.

Who pays for the program?
ODP camp fees, travel expenses and training fees are paid by the players involved. However, at the regional team and national team level, some of the cost is defrayed by national funds.

Who is eligible?
You must be a U.S. citizen and meet the age requirement for the established age groups in order to participate in the ODP (if citizenship eligibility requirements can be met by the date of the next international event that a player can participate in, that player may try out for the ODP).

Is the ODP going to interfere with my league schedule?
Participation in the ODP is designed to complement the players’ normal involvement with their league or club. ODP functions are outside of and in addition to, league or club practices and matches.

What should I do if there is a schedule conflict between my league team and the ODP?
League games take precedence over ODP practices or exhibition games. ODP players will not be disciplined for missing an ODP practice to fulfill their league game commitment, provided that the players notify their ODP coach.

Can I try out again if I fail to make the program in a given year?
Yes, you can. Every year you will have an opportunity to try out for the ODP. A number of current national team players did not make the program every time they tried.

Is there an ODP at the Junior and Amateur levels?
Yes. The Georgia Amateur Soccer Association (GASA) runs the Amateur Select Team Program which provides players 19 and older another chance to advance into the national program.

770-452-0505 EXT. 217 or
email the Director of Coaching at [email protected]